What is P. Harris & Associates?

We understand the difficulty there is in launching a new venture. We also understand the disadvantage that comes with not having the proper tools. This company was born out of the frustration that comes from both.

Because we recognize that many entrepreneurs just need a hand up we are constantly looking for new ways to offer that. We have done research to find out the fastest, if not, the easiest way to help you catch your breath and strike a balance that will allow you to reach your goals and realize your dreams.

Because we have a "personal" understanding of the trials and tribulations associated with starting and running a small business or non-profit organization, it's no problem for us to step into your shoes and walk around a while as we contemplate your needs and the best avenues to success available to you.

Our methods are reminiscent of the good old days when you just had to go outside on the porch to pick up the milk and the family doctor actually knew the family! Whenever at all possible, we will come to your place of operation so we can get to know you. In fact, we prefer to do so.

We will not double book our appointments. We plan to use our time wisely as we assess your situation. We will not make any binding decisions until you know what we're thinking and you agree to the results of our investigations.

If there isn't a fit, no problem. We can both learn from that situation, too.